Jumping in with both feet…heart and head

Watch an adult that grew up swimming competitively get in the water. Without a coach on deck, there isn’t a speedy timeline.

I can only speak for myself, but it can be a 10-15 minute process. That includes: putting on cap, making sure all hair is inside cap, getting equipment out of bag, filing up water bottle, a couple arm stretches, putting goggles on, and finally dipping feet into the water and getting used to water temperatures. This final step can take up to 5-minutes.

I like to splash the water around and kick it up. Getting a feel for the water. Give my skin some time to process the temperature change. Curse about the fact that 25-years later, I am STILL jumping into a cold pool. Allow 1-2 minutes of dread. Possibly say out loud, ‘That is the worst part.’ More water kicking/splashing, a couple more arm stretches, cracking my shoulders and back.

Then FINALLY I’ll dive in the water!

With regards to triathlon, I’ve been kicking the water for a couple years. I’ve toed the line. I’ve put up some decent results. I’ve seen progression, development, and improvement, but I have yet, to believe in myself. I’ve had one foot in the water kicking around, checking the temperature, and my head, heart, and rest of myself safely on the pool deck.

2013: I’m all in, both feet, heart, and head.

Inspiring Women

Pictured above myself with two of the strong, inspiring women I look to as mentors: Roni Selig and Chrissie Wellington.