Ironman Los Cabos

The 2013 race season started at Ironman Cozumel last November. I had been working with a new coach for 3-months, Matthew Rose with Dynamo Multisport. Relative to the 2012 race season, I had a good race in Cozumel. I finished in 9:57 with a 3:33 marathon. Despite being way out of the money and finishing up 16th only earning 100 KPR points, I was happy with my day on the island.

Coach sent congrats while we were away on the island, but said we needed to talk when I got home. I will now associate “needing to talk” with needing to change. The short version of the talk was something like this:

Coach Matthew: 
Yo girl. You have what you need to be successful, but I need you to get out of your own way. I’m unclear of what it is past/present that holds you back but it needs to be worked through as it dictates your future.
You are right.

Admitting that I had unintentionally been my biggest roadblock was one of the first steps towards success. It’s been a busy four months of long overdue therapy, self-discovering, and above all else training.

I’ve been working hard leading into Ironman Los Cabos and I was excited to toe the line with a new confidence in my training.

Race Day:

Swim: The water here is beautiful. Although there aren’t many fish or anything pretty to look at, the water is crystal clear. Los Cabos has such a beautiful shoreline, beach but yet mountainous. My goal in the swim was to stick with feet preferably some quick feet. Thank you to my teammate and friend, Haley Chura, for lending me her TYR wetsuit. I felt a responsibility to represent it well as her wetsuit has never come out of the water anything but first. I came out towards the end of a big pack. I knew many of the girls around me and I knew I had done the job. Special Thank You! to Coach Maria Thrash. We’ve been working hard to correct my stroke, stroke rate, etc. I am a better athlete for the work she has done with me and I really appreciate the effort.

Bike: I made an important decision in T1. I ripped through transition like we were in an ITU event. I was not going to be left behind. At the time, I wasn’t really sure who I was chasing, but I knew if I got on the bike with the couple girls ahead of me, I was going to be better off. As luck would have it, Sophie Goos was within this group. In my head throughout the race, I called her the European train and I was simply waiting for it to leave the station. I played both sides of the fence, making sure I was staying within myself and my heart rate settled into the 150’s, but also remaining in the race. I had to let Sophie go on the first long climb back into town. She rode hard and caught up to Michelle Vesterby, also the front of the race. Sophie held a legal draft on Michelle long enough for me to bridge back up. I rode with these girls, the official, and camera crews for miles 35-75. I lead large parts of the bikes smiling and laughing, a bit overjoyed because I was riding up front with the Europeans and I was well within my ability. Michelle came around at the turn around back into San Jose and neither Sophie nor I responded. Mareen Hufe passed us like a freight train during this stretch. Again, we had no answer. This bike course was fair, honest, and TOUGH! I would stick with Sophie largely due to the long downhill, crosswind portions of the course. I rode like a madwoman downhill during these sections, determined to stay in the race and not let my fear of being blown over off my bike dictate my output. I smiled HUGE the whole time and thought of my friend, Chrissie, smiling through fear and pain. I sincerely enjoyed the bike except for maybe the last 15-20 miles when I was ready to be off, but that’s typical. I am really proud of my bike effort because I made the right decisions at the right time. I rode a very smart race.

Run: The run was all business. For as much as I enjoyed the bike, I had a job to do on the run. I ran a very consistent, fairly evenly split run. I finished the marathon up with an Ironman & stand-alone marathon PR by 10-minutes. I am proud of my effort, progression, and patience as I work towards faster run splits. I stepped it up here in Los Cabos.

Result: 9:52 Overall Finish Time, 8th Place, and 960 KPR Points

Thank you Coach Matthew Rose. Something very special is happening and I feel very lucky to be a part of the Dynamo Multisport Family. He deserves more credit than he’ll accept for the change in my thought process and subsequently my racing. 2013 is going to be a great year.

Thank you Cannon Cyclery for the care, attention to detail, and ability to problem-solve anything and everything I’ve thrown at you with regards to two-wheels.

Thank you to, Alyssa Godesky, my Cabo BFF. She made this trip unimaginably simple for me. I’ve joked that she has been my travel agent, but splitting her condo was not only cost effective, it provided awesome company for the week. Congrats on her 25-29 AG win and Kona Qualification!

Thank you Splish. I looked awesome on course. Thank you Tri-PTC. The backing of my community has always instilled a confidence in my racing. Your continued support and my involvement in the community helps to ground me in reality as I chase dreams.

Thank you to my Bestie, Janet Daly, for the twitter updates throughout the race! Follow her!

Finally, last but certainly not least, Thanks to Ken Burkey, my friends, and family. The years of support have not been in vain. This is happening. xoxo

Ironman Los Cabos Finish