Ironman Cozumel Race Report >> New Beginnings

As I got caught and pushed off the Professional Female Podium at Mile 25, I knew that was it. This was going to be my Last Mile as a Professional Triathlete and I let myself pull back a little bit in an attempt to enjoy it.

For 6-monthes, I did everything right. I put everything in my preparation for Ironman Cozumel. As with any Ironman Build, it wasn’t perfect. I had to overcome a Run Injury early in the Build that forced me to be patient with my Run Progression. I cleaned up my Act >> Diet, (No) Alcohol, Sleep, Recovery, etc. I put in the Long, Slow, FUN Miles at the beginning of the process on the Bike and really enjoyed the Training. There wasn’t doubt with my Preparation. I was swimming well, I was hitting the Bike Numbers and I nailing Run Sessions.

I nailed the swim in COZ. I lined up and immediately hopped on the feet of the girls I knew would be first out of the water. I was able to hang for 500-800m and then they gapped a bit. I was super winded and working HARD and outside of my comfort zone and more like Olympic/70.3 Pace to keep up. As I fell back Rachel came around me on the side I prefer to draft off (the side I breathe to) and I picked up my Effort and forced myself to hang with her. I knew getting out of the water that my swim execution was on point. I (mentally) high-fived myself and quickly moved on as Rachel TORE through Transition and I hustled in an attempt to keep up.

Getting on the Bike, I felt good. My Power Meter was immediately WAY off so I knew it would be a Heart Rate & Perceived Effort Day which was fine. My Coaches Race Day Instructions were to worry about myself but to try to be strategic with the windy side of the Island and have a legal draft when possible. I kept Rachel in sight for quite some time, but I wasn’t catching up. I wasn’t comfortable pushing too much harder so early in the race. In my past few Ironman, I think I’ve been so worried about getting into the race that I’ve ignored how I’ve felt, what or when I was eating, my pacing, etc. and I’ve crumbled about half-way through the bike subsequently. I think it served me to ride the Race mostly solo with a few packs of AG Men coming around me on the second and third Loops. Although as a Result of my Solo Effort, I probably lost 10′-15′ on the Front of the Race.

Regardless, I got off the Bike in 5th place and I had confidence in my Run Legs. Starting the Run, my Legs felt like crap, but I stayed positive and told myself I’d run into my Legs… and I kept waiting for them to show up… And waiting… I stayed reasonably positive despite running about a 1′ per mile slower than I expected. It wasn’t a total implosion but it was close. I had no desire to run out the entire marathon about the 13.1 mark but I was still well in the money and I pretty determined to stay there. It was pure delusion driving me forward. When I made the final turn around and I saw the new girl 4’ back and FLYING, I said ‘Bitch.’ and I dug as deep as I have ever dug to hold onto 10th and $750. I dropped my pace those final 4-miles by :30-seconds per mile which was a miracle given the fatigue build up at the point.

It wasn’t the Run I expected to have. It wasn’t the Run I wanted to have but it was the Race Experience I needed to move on. It’s time. THAT WAS EVERYTHING. I can look at my Race and my Build into Ironman and take Pride in my Effort. That was everything I had. I have no doubt. It is time to move on… I’ve always told myself when it didn’t make sense personally, professionally and I was no longer making progression in my Career, I would know to walk away. This wasn’t the Transition I expected to make in Central Florida this Spring, but I look forward to this next stage in my Career, I’m excited! I’m excited to put continued focus on my Athletes, AG Multisport Consulting, and supporting those around me in reaching their Goals. I’m excited to put my Time & Energy into new Projects and Adventures.

I would be amiss if I didn’t take a moment to THANK those that have supported me throughout this Journey. Thank you Matthew Rose and The Dynamo Multisport Family, Thank you Cannon Cyclery, Thank you Coeur Sports, Thank you Patty Gellatly, Anne Chrzanowski & Tom Ramthun, Thank you Jerry & Cheryl Grissom, Thank you Tony & Michelle Dalton, Thank you to all past and present AG Multisport Coaching Athletes, Thank you to the Tri-PTC Community, Thank you to Home-Stays around the World especially Tom Price and Jenny & Andrew Calder, Thank you to CNN FitNation & Roni Selig. There is an emotional debt that I can never repay for your personal buy-in on my Professional Career. One of the most beautiful gifts you can give is to believe in the dream of another. I am grateful beyond words for all of the gifts I have been given over the years.

Cheers, THANK YOU, Here’s to 2017 & NEW BEGINNINGS!!!