2013 KPR Conclusion

June was Ironman Coeur d’Alene. I spent 2 weeks on the West Coast and I loved every minute of it.

My Aunt Susan is Seattle-based. I flew in to spend time with her and got to spend priceless time with my cousin, Olivia. At mile 2 of the marathon and in a deep internal debate about whether to finish the run, I remembered I had promised Olivia my medal. Olivia was a big reason I was able to push on, finish what I started, and earn valuable KPR points.

Overall my race didn’t go well. I was off, WAY off on the bike. I kept pushing, I stayed optimistic through the second loop and I thought maybe I’d be able to negative split the ride. That didn’t happen and I thrashed my legs in the meantime.

I took an important lesson out of IM CdA. A very important part of my job is to ensure that my equipment is ready to roll and that I am able to hit power numbers on my bike set-up. I didn’t take the time to pre-race to really hit targets or push intervals and I think if I had, I might have realized something was off.

I crossed the finish line in CdA and I was able to give my medal to my 6-year old cousin, Olivia. While I had a poor race, I had a great trip. I spent time with good friends exploring Seattle. I was able to attend my cousins adoption. It was a good trip West.

HUGE Thank you’s to Aunt Susan, Uncle Robert, Olivia, Anne & Nicole Chrzanowski for your on course cheers and support!!

My confidence was shaken following IMTX and IMCdA. It was hard to believe there was progress when you can’t see it in results. I hadn’t given up the idea of Kona yet though. So I decided to flip my fitness and line up for both Muncie 70.3 and Racine 70.3, back to back weekends.

Muncie 70.3 went well. I came out of the water in the second pack. I rode into 2nd place. It felt great to pass the field on the bike and just like that my confidence was restored. I ran a 13.1 PR. I was pleased with my result a 70.3 PR of 4:30.16, but finished up 6th, one slot out of the money.

Racine 70.3, also, went well. The water was super choppy and relative to the field, I had a solid swim. I came out with a big pack. I followed Angela Neath and Cat Morrison on the bike, pushing, pushing, PUSHING our way through the field. I got off the bike 4th and ran a minute faster than I had in Muncie. I set another 70.3 PR by a couple seconds, 4:30.03 which landed me in 10th.

Following Racine, I sat down which Coach Matthew Rose and decided to put the Kona Chase on hold until 2014. I really wanted to end my season with IM Louisville and possibly an Ironman ‘W’.

August was all about IM Louisville. I went in really optimistic. I had raced most of the field at either Muncie or Racine.

Before I get into the race, I want to give a huge THANK YOU to my home stay that not only opened her home but gave me her bedroom, Karin, THANK YOU!! The acts of kindness and selflessness that I have received this past couple months overwhelm me. I am forever grateful to those that support me along this journey.

I had a good swim time in Louisville (pretty sure we had a nice current), but I lost a couple of minutes to the girls in front of me that I needed. When I went to push on the bike, my legs just didn’t respond like they had at the 2 prior races. I kept pushing and I played a nice, solo game of damage control, but I realized, it was going to come down to a foot race. SHIT! I am proud of my marathon because I was steady on it and I NEVER gave up. We were all so close. The entire women’s field was within the same mile on the course but I wasn’t closing the gap. I did catch Nina Kraft at mile 25. I had to test to see if she was going to respond. She did and picked her pace up from high-8’s to low-7’s. She ran away from me and I ended up 5th with a 140.6 PR of 9:39.40.

Coaches Matthew Rose and Maria Thrash were both “on deck” for this one. Mom and Anne Chrzanowski were there to provide Love and Support. Atlanta Tri Club, Endurance Concepts, Podium Multi-sport, Tri-PTC, and Multi-sport Performance Coaching made up the ‘Atlanta Corner’ of the course and the cheers were AMAZING!! My business partner, Rich, brought our shemoves sail flag to the event. It was SO cool to see my company out on course. I had this HUGE smile the first time I saw the flag, so awesome.

I finished up 2013 53rd in the KPR. My first words to Coach following the race were that I wanted to race consistent in 2014. I feel like I was all over the place this season. I had some good, very progressive results. I learned a lot about racing and about myself. I am ready to consistently throw down good results. This will start with living and training consistently. I’ve learned a lot this season on ‘how to be a professional triathlete.’

The beginning of the 2014 KPR has me California Dreaming…